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Success Coaching Playbook

Brooklyn LAB is committed to helping scholars navigate the complex life and learning transitions they’ll face during the 2020-21 school year. Given the financial and health challenges created by COVID-19, as well as ongoing racial trauma, scholars will need support in a variety of learning contexts, including remote, in-person, one-on-one, and small-group instruction. That’s why we’re building the capacity of the full range of adults at Brooklyn LAB to serve as success coaches

Front Porch Project

The Front Porch Concept serves to support the realities of operational requirements for returning to school in fall 2020 during the COVID-19 health crisis. It provides refuge for students during COVID is also a gift to the community long term by providing places of respite from extreme weather events including rain, heat and cold. These front porches are also a way for schools to connect back to the communities they serve by providing information about school activities, supporting gatherings and offering more appealing public spaces.

Instructional Program Scheduling Map

Building on Brooklyn Lab's Version 1 Back to School Facilities Tool Kit, this initial version of the Brooklyn LAB Instructional Program Scheduling Map responds to guidance on social distancing for reopening. LAB developed this blueprint because the school, like other schools around the country, is working through how best to rearrange teams of educators and groups of students to ensure that those receiving in-person instruction can do so safely.  

Back to School Facilities Tool Kit

The Toolkit offers school facilities modification suggestions to support the needs of all learners. It serves as a visual guide for schools preparing to reopen after COVID-19 closures, presenting multiple ideas for facilities interventions focused on creating an environment that supports social distancing and other health-related requirements for both the journey to school and the classroom experience. 

An Iterative Design Project of Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools