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Learn more about Equity by Design's ideas for a safe and equitable fall school reopening and beyond


Equity and ESSER: Why You Should Prioritize Supporting Students With Disabilities With Your Federal COVID Relief Dollars


Equity and ESSER: How Schools Can Embrace a Participatory Approach to Amplify Family Voices in Budget Planning


Uneven Vaccination Rates Are Creating Two Americas: Schools Can Help Advance Vaccine Equity.


Equity and ESSER: How Schools Can Embrace a Participatory Approach to Amplify Family Voices in Budget Planning


Schools Can Give America a Shot At Vaccine Equity


School Vaccine Hub Publishes Curricular Resources for Teachers to Help Students Learn About COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy


Why We Built a Hub for Vetted Vaccination Resources for Public Schools

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Meeting the Challenge of Reopening: How Laboratory School Communities Can Power Human-Centered Design and Inclusive Innovation

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How Schools Can Promote Vaccination and Address Hesitancy: A 10-Point Plan that Puts Equity First

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The Best Super Bowl Sunday Ad Champions Equity in Education #WhatDoesItTake

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The Key to Addressing Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: Public Schools

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Students with Disabilities Deserve LEGIT Solutions: Lightweight Evidence-Gathering Instruments and Tools

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Processes and Principles for Public Schools Navigating Uncertainty and Adapting to Change

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Five Principles to Help Provide Our School Communities With the Communications They Deserve

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Arguing for Agency: One Student-led Classroom Debate at a Time


#EngageEquitably Helps Education Leaders Communicate More Effectively with Families and Communities

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The Story Behind The Laboratory School Open Iconography Library

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EALA Launches Flagship Site, Shares Personas Educators Can Use to Understand Students’ Lived Experience During COVID-19

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Preparing for a Healthy and Safe Return to School: Public School Facilities Planning in the Era of COVID-19

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How Schools Can Help Cultivate Learner Identity and Agency

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It’s Time to Prepare for COVID-19 Resurgence: Six Steps Your School Can Take

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Reconsidering School Design: Indoor and Outdoor Learning as a Solution for a Healthy Future

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How parents can help shy and introverted kids through a particularly tough back-to-school season

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Schools Need a Success Coach for Every Learner

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The Front Porch: A New Approach to Support the Health, Safety, and Well-Being of Our School Communities

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Seven steps to design safe and healthy school drop-off and entry routines


Why stopping COVID at schools may not be as easy as taking temperatures

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How One Brooklyn School's New ‘Front Porch' Will Safeguard Returning Students and Staff


How We Move Forward: Practicing Three Inclusive, Anti-Racist Mindsets for Reopening Schools


Reopening Schools: A Scheduling Map for Educators to Plan the Who, What, When, Where, and How of Learning this Fall

Safeguarding Back to School: Preparation for a Healthy Return to School in Downtown Brooklyn

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