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Brooklyn LAB's New Front Porch

Front Porch Arrival Training Video

One of the most critical challenges identified during Brooklyn LAB's Back to School Facilities Tool Kit redesign process was the potential entry bottlenecks that will occur when social distancing requirements and other safety measures are introduced during entry and egress of the school building. Estimates were that without re‐thinking the process entirely, students could be in mile long lines, waiting for hours to enter Brooklyn LAB's school building.

With input from students, families, staff, and community members, we have developed preliminary design concepts with UPC, SITU, and WXY to adapt our middle and high school facilities and operations at 77 Sands Street. In addition to prioritizing social distancing, temperature checks, staggered scheduling, and increased points of entry, we are building a “front porch” for students and staff to gather at a safe social distance for school entry and exit. 

The goals of the Front Porch design include: 

  1. Safe Queuing and Entry Sheltered Space

  2. Identity for Front Porch / School Streets Prototype

  3. Wayfinding for Students

  4. Support School’s Operations

  5. Easily Permitted and Cost-Effective

As an urban school with campuses in Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB) is reimagining the school entry and exit process to ensure that it’s safe and efficient for students and staff, while minimizing our impact on our neighbors. 

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